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All that you need to know about the Canon ij Printer Via ij.start.canon

Whenever one needs to get the documents print, papers, photo prints, scanning or anything, ij.start.canon makes you learn everything i.e. from setting up the Canon Printer to making sure that you get amazing results. Let’s have a look at the main features of the Canon ij Printer-

  • High page yield ink bottles
  • New panel design for easy operation
  • Artist Lite Poster Software
  • The spill-resistant ink bottle design
  • An integrated ink tank system

Easy steps to Unbox a Canon Printer

ij.start.canon - unboxing a canon printer
  1. Take out the printer from the sealed box with all its key components i.e. cables, cartridges, etc.
  2. The next thing to do is, remove the polystyrene packaging wraps with the orange tapes along with the plastic covering from the printer.
  3. The first thing for hardware setup is to find out the power socket on the printer. As mentioned in Canon Ij Setup guide, plug the power cable to the wall socket and then to the printer’s port.
  4. After that, switch the printer on by pressing the power button. And you will find the printer’s display light on.
  5. For inserting the ink tanks, remove the cartridges outlet seal and the plastic covers covering it.
  6. The printhead carriage will adjust itself once you open the top cover of the printer. Put all the cartridges and put them into their correct slots.
  7. After putting the cartridges into the slots, close the printer top cover and suddenly you will observe that the printer will start making noise. This is the indication that ink cartridge installation is successfully done.
  8. After then, open the flap of the printer and then pull out the input tray and then, put some pages into the paper tray.
  9. Put the paper tray back to its place properly.
  10. This finally finishes the configuration of your Canon Printer via canon.com/ijsetup.

Before setting up the Canon ij Printer via ij.start.canon –

  • Make sure that you have kept the model number of your printer handy.
  • Check out that your device should have enough space for installing the driver.
  • Check out twice that your printer is properly plugged in in the power plug.
  • Your device should have an active and good internet connection.

Ij.start canon is the easy solution for downloading printer drivers. To set up the Canon ij Printer, you need to have some connectivity options that may include Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth and then just follow the steps given below-

Complete Guide for Canon Printer Setup on Windows

  1. Canon Ij Setup software– Try downloading the Canon IJ printer set-up through Https://ij.start.cannon or ij.start canon or can install Canon CD-ROM.
  2. To connect to Wi-Fi, Press the Wi-Fi button on your printer till you see an orange color flashlight.
  3. On the nearby wireless router, press the WPS button and then wait for the green and blue lights for the Wireless router.
  4. On your Canon ij setup printer, check if your laptop or PC has the same Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Start the software installation now. Just double click on the downloaded (from ij.start.canon) setup file.
  6. Once you have started your installation, select a connection type. Such as a wireless connection or a USB connection.
  • Wireless Connection Setup

    Advanced technology printers generally have the option of Wireless Connection. To set up your printer without any cable with your laptop/ PC, go to wireless settings on your printer. Select the option Wireless LAN Setup Wizard, and then connect the network with the same Wi-Fi connection as your laptop/PC.

  •  USB Setup

          You can use your USB cable if your printer doesn’t support a wireless network. You get the cable along with your printer. Plug one side of your cable to               the printer and the other side to the Laptop/ PC.

  1. Now, follow the instructions showing on the Canon Printer software installation screen, and then click on the Finish button.
  2. If your printer is not able to connect to a wireless connection, then you may use a USB cable. All you need to do is, just plug in your cable to the printer through a PC or a Laptop port.
  3. You are now ready to use your Canon ij printer which may include printing, scanning, etc.
  4. To start printing, just adjust all your settings i.e. the setting of paper, printer quality and then press Ctrl+P.

How to setup a Canon Printer on Mac

  1. Firstly, open the site, ij.start canon.
  2. To find the appropriate driver, enter your Canon printer model number.
  3. The version will of your operating system detects automatically and if not detected, select the version.
  4. Select the Driver file through the driver tab and then download it. Do to your laptop/PC or no that includes Canon IJ Scan Utility Package only.
  5. After the completion of download, do install the file by tapping on the .PKG file.
  6. After the installation is complete, click on the utility folder to use the printer.

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